Christmas Newspaper Wrapping Paper Set With Joke Eco Tape

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Piccalilly is delighted to introduce this fun festive Christmas wrapping paper set, perfect for wrapping your festive gifts. This set features 5 x sheets of double sided wrapping paper and 1 x roll of Christmas Cracker Joke tape. The northern star newspaper is a pilot project by Read. Wrap. Recycle. It's been designed specifically to be read then re-used as wrapping paper for Christmas. It's aim is to spread a wider message about recycling and re-using. The gift wrap is presented in a newspaper format and features fun stories and games appropriate for presenting to children and family members. Designed with a festive colour palette. Included in this set is a 50 metre roll of Christmas Cracker Joke tape. Not only is it great fun, it's also recyclable and compostable too! This eco-friendly tape for gift wrapping is a great alternative to plastic adhesive tape. The tape is sure to raise a smile and it features 7 Christmas jokes on repeat, the type you get in a Christmas cracker! Made from sustainably sourced paper it's backed with rubber gum adhesive so it can also be composted at home. Read. Wrap. Recycle is an environmental awareness project. Approximately 50,000 trees are cut down every year in the UK to create wrapping paper exclusively for use over the festive period. Read. Wrap, Recycle has been created to challenge this. The Northern Star is made from recycled paper and is designed to open up the conversation and encourage people to recycle. Each copy of The Northern Star consists of 5 sheets of wrapping paper. It features the newspaper spread on one side and the opposite side alternates between candy stripe repeats and a holly pattern. It's printed on 52 gsm recycled paper using traditional printing methods in the UK. Each sheet of wrapping paper measures 740mm x 560mm. The Christmas Joke Tape measures 50 metres x 25mm in width. Recycled Paper.
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